PVC Foam Board

معرفی ورق فومیزه

Today, lightweight construction panels play a special role in industrial development and construction of buildings. One of these panels is PVC foam board.

PVC foam sheets or PVC sheets are chemical compositions of polyvinyl chloride, a type of plastic that can be used in competition with wood and pottery and is widely used in furniture, building and advertising industries. These foam sheets are highly resistant to moisture and corrosion. In addition, the foam sheets are lightweight and highly resistant to chemicals. These sheets can be engraved, embossed, printed, painted and laminated according to user needs. On the other hand, it is possible to drill, saw and screw these sheets without creating cracks.

PVC wall coverings are often manufactured in double-walled and laminated form which can protect the environment from sound and heat; and in some cases, the PVC wall paneling also comes in full solid form, which increases its durability and does not require a chassis. The foam sheet does not disappear over time and its color retains its original vitality.

Features of  PVC Foam Board

  • Resistant to fire, acid, insects, heat, vibration, sound and light
  • Being waterproof
  •  Ideal replacement for wood, aluminum and different types of composites
  • Having very smooth and hard surfaces with small scratches and with a good base for making cabinet and furniture products
  • Heat and sound insulation
  • The light weight of the sheet and thus ease of movement
  • Comfortable use of various woodworking tools such as sawing, cutting, screwing, gluing and drilling (easy cutting)
  • Capable of being engraved, embossed, printed, painted and laminated according to user requirements

Most used features

  •  Used in partitions and wardrobes in pools,bathrooms and toilets
  • Widespread use in bold letters, board making and advertising
  • Used in labeling, screens, industrial signs and driving signs
  • Used in chemical corrosion engineering kitchens
  • Used in industrial and home kitchen cabinets
  • Used in car roof, bus and train
  • Used for decorations, interior decoration and wall panels
  • Used in commercial, residential, public and office buildings
  • Applicable to dust collection and garbage collection equipment