Polymer products

Research & Development team of knowledge-based Shafigh Co., relying on the expertise of its experts, specialists and highly advanced laboratory equipment, is the provider of polymer products across Iran. These polymer products are used in coating, paint, master batch, ceramic, stone and plastic industries.

The company has products such as polyethylene waxes, different bleaching grades, stearic acid, barium sulfate and lithopone.

These products are all tailored to the customer’s needs. We are also proud to advise you on the performance of different materials if necessary

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Titanox (SIG 507), (SIG 509)

Titanox Bleaching Powder is a titanium dioxide based pigment with a whiteness of up to 96%. The TIO2 pigment is the whitest white pigment. Due to its high coating strength and low cost, it has many usages in many areas.

OPE (SIG 105)

This wax has an acidic and esterifying functionality and is effective as an external lubricant. It also reduces plate out and adhesion and improves surface quality.

Polyethylene Wax (SIG 102), (SIG 107)

This lubricant is a kind of external lubricant that is actually low molecular weight polyethylene. It is also non-polar and has good compatibility with polyvinyl chloride polymer. The use of this product reduces the adhesion during extrusion in the production process of polymer products. The melting point of these materials is between 100 and 120 degrees Celsius.

Applications of polyethylene wax in PVC industries such as (wall, flooring, profile cable, pipe, fittings, etc.) are rubber, plastic, master batches, adhesives, cables, coatings, piles and so on.

Barium sulfate

Barium sulfate powder is also used as a bleaching powder in industry.

Lithopone (SIG 700)

It is a combination of inorganic compounds widely used as white pigment powder composed of barium sulfate and zinc sulfide.

Tri Basic Lead Sulphate (SIG 203)

It is a white powder with Hb, PbSo4, PbO4 formula which enhances excellent thermal stability of PVC. It is also coated with sulfuric acid for better dispersion in molten materials

Stearic acid

It is a kind of lubricant that has a melting temperature of about 70 degrees Celsius. This lubricant has a polar head and a non-polar head, so it exhibits both behaviors and is used as both an internal lubricant and an external lubricant. If this lubricant is used, the coloring of the products is easily possible and more durable.