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Shafigh Industrial & Commercial Group, one of the pioneers of Iran’s manufacturing and trading industry, has been operating in Isfahan city of patron of art since 1971 when Kohan Industrial Group was renamed Shafigh Industrial Group since 1978. The company also expanded its operations by launching a factory on a 15,000-square-meter land in Isfahan’s Mahmoudabad Industrial Township.

With the aim of sustainable development, the company aims at foreign marketing and exporting these products to Asian, African and European countries such as Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, UAE, Saudi Arabia and South Africa and Italy, and it has been recognized as an appreciable exporter in Isfahan.

Shafigh Industrial & Commercial Group, relying on more than 40 years of manufacturing activity and in order to achieve and obtain its major development goals and objectives, decided to go into the PVC Foam Board (PVC Foam Board) industry in 2011.

The company has chosen its target market as quality-sensitive customers, so it strives to position manufactured products in superior quality compared to other competitors.

Shafigh Industrial & Commercial Group, in the after extensive research in market and evaluation and assessment of customer needs and desires, in order to develop and consolidate its true position in the market and in the minds of audiences, has taken action in planning needed to refine and design an integrated corporate identity and brand.

It is hoped that Shafigh Industrial and Commercial Group will take a positive step towards creating a vibrant and dynamic society with its plans to fulfill its superior goals and objectives.

We consider ourselves a knowledge-based, learning-oriented industrial and trading group in the industry of supplying, producing, marketing and selling various types of foam sheets, wood, MDF, interior decoration, equipment and artifacts dependent on it as well as products and primary polymer materials.

Our customers are companies, stores and active individuals at home and abroad who want quality products. Therefore, we strive to continually review and identify the exact needs and requirements of our customers and target audiences, to design and produce high quality and diverse products and be better and more efficiently responsive to our customers’ needs and demands

Vision of Shafigh Industrial and Commercial Group

  1. First place in the quality products and customer services in the PVC Foam Board market
  2. Acquire 50% market share of PVC Foam Board Products
  3. Expanding the production lines of PVC Foam Board to 10 production lines
  4. Attend Persian Gulf markets and gain top exporting title in Foam Exports
  5. Enter the Persian gulf markets and become the leading exporter in export of PVC Foam Board Products
  • Have long-term thinking on communications, programs and goals

  • Mutual Respect in Internal and External Communications

  • Honesty in speech and behavior

  • Commitment and accountability

  • Commitment to quality in all elements of organization and communication

  • Focus on continuous development and learning

  • Commitment to knowledge, creativity and innovation

  • Positive thinking and hope for a better future

  • Training and empowering human capital

  • Accountability to society and the environment