SICG R & D Department

When it comes to product innovation and development, or process refinement and improvement, the role of R and D department is critical.

We do our utmost to achieve future growth of SICG and maintain its relevance in its chosen market. We spend resources on investigation and testing to develop new products or new ways of doing things. We also support the enhancement of our existing products or processes.

New Product Research and Development

It is unwise to bring a new product to market without first coming up with solid data to support it. Our research typically involves conducting a careful, detailed study to support every project – whether there is a need for it, and how to ensure it is something that customers will want to use. We also determine the specifications of a product, the projected costs of its production, and the time it will take to produce.

We create a new product based upon the concepts and requirements coming out of the research phase of that product creation. This often involves prototyping, to see how a working model of the product performs before going into full production. A crucial part of our development phase is ensuring a new product will meet guidelines and any statutory requirements.

Updating Existing Products

Within the scope of Research and Development is the evaluation of our existing products to ensure they will still function effectively in the marketplace. We may consider the potential for product upgrades to remove its current problems or needed changes to the manufacturing process to make the product function much better.

We are also responsible for Quality Control. We perform quality checks on products, based on the department’s depth of knowledge around products’ specifications and requirements. This may happen in collaboration with a quality assurance department.

Development Process Innovation

We are not confined to product development. Our various functions may also apply to processes, such as industrial and manufacturing processes.

Types of Research and Development

We are involved in basic and applied research leading us to Innovation development, Production, Sales and finally Market as shown below.

In basic research we aim to conduct a comprehensive understanding of a subject, and to build a body of knowledge relating to it. It is the sort of research that might then initiate further concepts and lead to applied research.

In applied research we try to make it much more specific with a set of objectives related to a particular customer or industry need or requirement. Under applied research, our investigations will focus on commercial objectives to do with processes or products. This latter form of research will most likely lead to development, with the production of materials, systems and methods.

The Importance of Innovation

We do our best to help SICG to maintain its competitiveness by keeping our eyes on developing trends, and on what the competition is doing. We help to direct the future of SICG business by providing essential information and ideas that support strategic decision-making.

Development itself involves different stages and functions. One is prototyping and designing for production; the other is engineering or manufacturing to produce commercial products, based on the designs and prototypes from the earlier stage.


SICG knows properly that R&D is so important to its success and this key section of the company is not only valuable but also essential for its continual growth, both in short and long term. It also knows well that investing in R & D means investing in technology and future capabilities, new processes, products and services.